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US Tapioca's Healthy Foods

Eat healthy live better!

Dear Clients,

Times have changed but, the quality of US TAPIOCA'S remains the same, so we inform you that we're selling only on-line or, directly with us through the landline 407-429-7070 or, via WhatsApp's or, Telegram 1-407-692- 4879.

Remember that we only ship to addresses valid in the United States of America (USA). For others countries, please contact:

[email protected] to check rates and shipping times.

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Prezados Clientes,

Os tempos mudaram mas, a qualidade da US TAPIOCA'S se mantem a mesma e por isso, informamos que estamos vendendo somente on-line ou, diretamente conosco através do telefone fixo 407-429-7070 ou ainda, pelo WhatsApp's ou Telegram 1-407-692-4879.

Lembrando que enviamos somente para os endereços válidos nos Estados Unidos da América (EUA). Para outros países, favor de contactar: [email protected] para verificar as taxas e tempo de envio.


Equipe da US TAPIOCA'S

Brazilian Tapioca made with US Tapioca's Flour - Hydrated

How to make "Brazilian Tapioca"

in a minute!

Chicken Breast Stroganoff

"Brazilian Tapioca"


Tapioca is a traditional dish from Brazil. You can create a variety of delicious meals using these inventive crepe-like pancakes made with US TAPIOCA’S FLOUR (HYDRATED) combined with your choice of filling: cheese, coconut flakes, chocolate, fruits, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, etc. No additional ingredients are required.


1. US TAPIOCA’S FLOUR (HYDRATED) is ready-made

2. Cooking time is less than 2 min

3. Gluten free

4. Bread substitute

5. Low calorie

6. Alternative meal for pre and post-workout sessions

7. Low sodium

8. Fat free


1. Heat the pan (preferably an 8 inch non-stick omelet style pan) on high for 1 minute.

2. Reduce the temperature to medium and place 1/2 cup of US TAPIOCA’S FLOUR (HYDRATED) on the pan, then spread to make a thin layer circle in the pan to cover any open spots.

3. Then let it sit for 1 minute.

4. Flip the tapioca over.

5. Let that side heat for 15 seconds and your tapioca is ready.

6. Add your preferred filling and enjoy

"Gringo Burrito"

The best Brazilian Tapioca.